The First Date

We all know the emotions behind a first date. There’s excitement over something new, but there’s also fear because that means change and for me change can be hard, not to mention all the thoughts going through your head like “what if I like him, but he doesn’t like me?” or “What if he is a total weirdo?”

These thoughts can consume us and ruin something that could have actually been a great thing, so I’ve come up with some ideas to help you get out of your head so that you can truly enjoy your time. Now I need to say that I am no expert but these are all things I implemented on my last First Date and it went pretty well.. I mean we’re still together now 🙂

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Isn’t he the sweetest?!

So let’s start with the outfit:

Don’t stress yourself out about this too much, throw on a cute top that you’re 100% comfortable in a pair of skinny jeans and either flats or heals. (I obviously went with heels here, I’m short…he’s tall, it worked).


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top is from Top Knot Boutique // I’m wearing a small


Makeup, Makeup, Makeup

Y’all please don’t answer the door looking like a clown or a pageant queen. The goal here is for Him to see the real you. Go for more natural colors, I’m using this palette, which is my favorite, I literally wear it everyday. There’s a time and a place for super heavy makeup and your first date is not it.


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I’m using the matte mulberry color from the palette and the white one…that’s it


Now For What’s Really Important

This is so cliche and for that I’m…not sorry (haha). Be Yourself! seriously though, you want the guy to be himself so you know what you’re getting into, so why wouldn’t you be yourself? If you want a massive burrito, get a massive burrito. Don’t get a salad because you’re terrified to eat in front of him. News Flash: Eating is Natural.. everyone does it.


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Just Be Honest

For lack of better terms, be honest. If you wind up liking him, tell him. Chances are he likes you too and he’s afraid you didn’t feel the same towards him. On the flip side, don’t be afraid to tell him if the feelings aren’t there. Most guys will respect that a whole lot more than being led on.

Who knows, you could’ve just met the guy that changes everything, or maybe you just found a best friend…or both. Whatever it may have led to it was a First Date well spent.


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What are some tips you all have for first dates? share them in the comments below!

XO — Ash




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