Just Breathe

Breathe… if I had a dollar for every time that word rolled through my head I would be a millionaire. But, it’s not doing me much good just rolling on through.

This summer a group of ladies from my church got together for a women’s bible study, we chose to go through Priscilla Shirer’s study “Breathe” and I have to admit, I didn’t think it was going to apply to my life at all.


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It’s about Sabbath Margin, and growing up in a Christian home I know what the sabbath is, or at least I thought I did. But after five weeks of digging deeper into God’s word I realized that I was truly clueless.

Priscilla discuses throughout the book the importance of placing margin in your life and I didn’t realize that I needed it until I was asked about what consumes me daily. It’s different for everyone, but my number one answer was: the opinions of other people, both those that I am close with and that I do not know.

After admitting that I felt a huge flood of relief and concern wash over me. I was relieved because I finally admitted it, but then the concern came in as I realized I had been placing the opinions of others over the opinion of God.


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I am created by God, for a specific purpose and that’s what should matter the most to me. I shouldn’t worry about if my “friend” thinks what I’m doing is weird or if there’s a family member who just doesn’t understand the path I chose for my life. I don’t need to worry about whether or not that girl I passed at the grocery store liked my hair or not. I am HIS! I belong to HIM.

Five weeks into this study I finally realized why God placed it in my life. Margin for me isn’t about how I’m budgeting my time, it’s all about my priorities. It’s about putting God back on top, taking Him out of the margins and placing Him in the center of everything I do. When I do that, then I can truly say that I have Sabbath Margin in my life.

Have I mastered this yet? Absolutely not. I’m human, and like anything it’s going to take time. But I have found that others opinions are bothering me a lot less than they used to. I found my worth, and it’s not in my money, or my clothes or my family and friends. It’s in God and yours is too!


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If you are constantly feeling overwhelmed, I highly recommend going through this study. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


XO — Ash


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