For the Love of Coffee

I’ve been drinking coffee since I was a little girl, okay maybe not full cups of coffee, but Nana would sneak in the occasional “sip” of the most delicious coffee. Needless to say, I can’t go a day without it anymore!

However, in my itty bitty town, there isn’t many choices when it comes to coffee so I mostly drink coffee I make at home from Keurig. I like to use international delight creamer, my favorite flavor is Almond joy at the moment! I don’t usually put any sugar in my coffee, just a little cream and I’m good to go!

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When I visit the next town over I like to hit up the Dunkin’ Donuts for an iced coffee, currently I like coconut creme pie for the flavor shot, add cream and sugar. Another good addition for now is their strawberry frosted donut. Holy Cow! I’m not huge on sweets, but I could eat 100 of these in one sitting, they’re THAT good.

This picture is from Mother’s Day, they wrote Mom on EVERY donut, I just turned mine around to say WOW because the donut was that good.

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I don’t eat a whole lot of big meals, so I typically get hungry mid afternoon and a lot of times I wind up fixing myself another cup of coffee. It’s probably not the smartest or healthiest choice, but it tastes so good! Lately I’ve been eating some lightly salted, oven roasted peanuts with them and it just hits the spot every time! I highly recommend adding this option to your afternoon snack list, it’s so easy for anyone who’s going constantly. Put your coffee in a cup to go and throw some peanuts in a baggy!

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I think my favorite part of coffee is the cute mugs you can get to drink out of. I have a slight addiction. My favorite at the moment are pioneer woman, which you can get here. She usually releases a line for spring and fall, the mug pictured below is a fall mug, but I LOVE polka dots so it’s my favorite right now, don’t worry that will change tomorrow.

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Another great place to get mugs is TJ MAXX! They have so many cute ones and at great prices! I have a few from there, but they’re still in a box from moving, so I’ll have to make a post on them at a later time!

Thanks so much for reading, as always you can contact me at anytime! Please feel free to share my blogs with your friends!

Love, Ash!


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